Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Think The Sky Smiled At Me

            The other day, I was headed home from a stressful day with tons of homework in hand.  Anxious thoughts were going through my mind as they always seem to be, and that’s when I caught a glimpse of something beautiful.

The sun was setting over the highway, and one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  It was crisp and golden, with clouds scattered across the sky.  They were pink and amber and orange, all at the same time.  The colors complimented each other so well.  It was almost like some kind of dreamscape painted just to ease my mind on such an evening.

I ended up visiting every beach and park I could get to before it was dark.  It was such a wonderful evening.  I was freezing, and enjoying every moment of it.  It was worth it for the beauty my eyes got to see, even if I couldn’t feel my fingers.

It’s almost humorous, in a marvelous and beautiful way.  That something like the sun, something that is always there and provides the earth with light and warmth, can create such a peace of mind.